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West Virginia Mountaineer: Land of the Free and Home of the Beard

By PJ Buttnuckle, Bearded Sports Contributer

One of the more creative traditions in college sports is West Virginia University’s Mountaineer mascot.  Every year a new student is named the official WVU Mountaineer.  The fringe benefits are amazing.  Although health benefits aren’t offered, the mascot gets a tailor-made buckskin suit, coonskin hat, a rifle and powder horn, which is fully capable of being fired, and a scholarship (who cares, they had me at the buckskin suit). To see some girls in their underwear, hit the warp speed jump.
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Abe Lincoln’s Beard

Lincoln might notta cemented equal rights sans beard. In fact, he kinda looks like a creepy dude that wants to buy your kid a ride on a quarter-fed Dumbo outside of a grocery store. Betcha didn’t know that Abe Lincoln thought beards were for suckers. That is, ’til he grew one. In fact, the story behind Abe Lincoln’s beard reads like a Dan Brown novel, only instead of mysterious tunnels leading to the cup of christ, there’s a beard. Check out the full story by making the jump. Continue reading

Welcome to HistorysGreatestBeards.com

Congratulations. Seriously.
You’ve found the pre-eminent source for all beard-related trivia, factotums, believes, values and core ideas. Historysgreatestbeards.com will have you not shaving in no time.

Why beards?

A Beard is one of the greatest things a man can own. It costs nothing, you don’t have to do anything to have one, and it’s a great way to prove you’re a man.

Shaving is a hassle. It makes your skin itchy and can increase the noticability of zits on your face. Ever see a guy with a beard that has zits ? nope. They’re under the beard! Unless they’re on his nose and forehead. But either way, he has less visible zits if he sports a beard.

Is it spiritual?
Yes. Beard growing is zen. It requires patience and no-mind in order to get past the initial itch and it is a method of escape from the everyday toil of a shave.

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