Beard-Related Merchendise

Natural Beard Comb: $18.99

Due to the natural materials and individual hand-craftsmanship, no two combs are ever alike. Each has its own unique personality and beauty. Some are lighter, some darker, still others are beautifully marbled. Owing to the natural graining of the horn each one has a slight lengthwise curve rather than the unforgiving straight lines typically found in combs made of plastic. Whatever yours looks like, it is sure to out-perform any other comb you’ve ever used. Since natural horn and natural hair are both comprised almost entirely of kerotin, the Natural Horn Comb does not generate static electricity and helps control fly-away hair. The smoothly rounded horn is kinder to both the scalp and hair, gently cleaning and polishing the hair with each pass.

Our All Natural Beard Comb measures 90mm overall length and has smooth, widely spaced teeth designed especially for coarse, curly beard hair. Includes its own custom made natural leather case.

Oregon Wild Hair Mustache Wax: $8.95

Oregon Wild Hair Enterprises is a family venture founded by Mark and Susan Coyl, who have lived in Oregon for over 30 years. Fleeing cities in the early 1970s, both Mark and Susan arrived in Southern Oregon seeking a quieter, cleaner life.

Part of that new life was the search for a natural moustache wax to tame Mark’s wild hairs. Every wax he had sampled was heavily perfumed and tasted bitter, ruining the flavor of hot drinks. Finally, dissatisfied with commercial moustache waxes, Mark decided to make his own.  Using beeswax, petroleum jelly, lanolin, and natural musk oil, Mark created Oregon Wild Hair Moustache Wax®. It is lightly, pleasantly scented and does not spoil the enjoyment of tea and coffee.  Mark continues to create his moustache wax at home in small, handmade batches and Susan manages the distribution of the one-ounce tins.


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