About The Authors

  • Kevin Prockup had a beard for over 4 years in a row without shaving a single day. While some might call this heroic, he would call it an act of will. A freedom. A personal choice. After it was cut, he decided not to grow out his beard again.
  • Johnny Sanford is a beard enthusiast, usually carrying his beard three out of four seasons of the year. He enjoys the sensation that it gives him. He’s also pretty lazy. He doesn’t like to let it get out of hand, but on occasion it chooses to do so anyway. His favorite aspect of the beard is it’s ability to look cool and uncool at the same time.
  • Stephen Buckley has a Law Degree in Beard. He studied for seven years, partied for 4 years and had a nice close beard for most of it. He believes in the power of the beard, not to be confused with the power of the pussy beard. This is his “O” face.

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