The Great Shave

By Stephen Q. Buckley

Whether you believe in global warming or not, mother nature teased upstate New York with temps in the low 70’s this past weekend.  Although I spent a majority of my weekend indoors writing a paper , I managed to make it outside for a short run (for those that enjoy free nights and weekend’s avoid law school).  I enjoy drinking and smoke, which really hurts my ability to run (personally I like to think running hurts my ability to smoke and drink).  After two miles, I was a sweaty mess (insert picture of James Gandolfini on the beach chasing down the ice cream truck on a sunny 90 degree day).

It’s that time of year where beards start to serve a substantially less functional purpose (to keep my baby face warm).  Although beards look great, and are NEVER “out of style”, I made the very difficult decision to shave it off.

The question I pose to you is, what temperature do you shave your beard?

I set my limits at 70 degrees.  The moment the mercury breached that 70 mark, it’s off with the beard.  I miss it, and all of its perks (i.e. beautiful woman running their fingers through the thick manliness that is my beard, and most importantly not having to show your ID for for beer and cigarettes).

Ashton Kutcher looks good in a beard.  Every man does.  It got him these girls:

I’d take Demi Moore over the other three, with the late Murphy as a close second (we know she loves to party, which increases her stock in my eyes).

Beard or no beard, I’m ready for Spring.


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