West Virginia Mountaineer: Land of the Free and Home of the Beard

By PJ Buttnuckle, Bearded Sports Contributer

One of the more creative traditions in college sports is West Virginia University’s Mountaineer mascot.  Every year a new student is named the official WVU Mountaineer.  The fringe benefits are amazing.  Although health benefits aren’t offered, the mascot gets a tailor-made buckskin suit, coonskin hat, a rifle and powder horn, which is fully capable of being fired, and a scholarship (who cares, they had me at the buckskin suit). To see some girls in their underwear, hit the warp speed jump.

The best part of all, the mountaineer gets to travel with the sports teams all year.  Like Olympic curling, the mountaineer lives the life of an athlete without having to be athletic. If only I knew of this tradition in high school, I would have spent my undergrad being praised by WVU talent like these three class acts:

Note 1:  Never let your daughter attend WVU.

Note 2:  Who wants to go to WVU?

Beards:  The mountaineer is expected to grow a beard as part of his official duties.

  • That is one sweet beard.

  • This is Rebecca Durst—last years mountaineer.  Like many of my Irish friends, she’s incapable of growing a beard.  Unlike my Irish friends, I won’t hold it against her, because she’s a hottie.  I wonder how many times she’s role played in that coonskin hat.

Note 3:  Buy an Indian costume, and apply to WVU—Rebecca Durst here I come!!!


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