Wooly Willy, An American Classic

We salute you, Wooly Willy

Sure, at twenty-something years old, A Wooly Willy sounds more like a depraved sex act, like Canada’s History, but many of us might remember it from days of our childhood. My first contact with Willy occurred somewhere in my pre-teen years, at a school fair where we would get prizes for tickets won at carnival games inside the gymnasium. When I won a couple tickets, never more than say 10 because my parents were so cheap, I would take them to the front desk where cool skateboards, inflatable plastic guitars and a few other odds and ends lay. “Can I get the skateboard?” I would naively ask. “If you got 200 tickets you can have the skateboard.” They would respond.
“I’ve got ten.”
“All you can get is a Wooly Willy or a lollypop ring.”
Hmm. Not a hard choice.

“I’ll take the Wooly Willy.”

And thus, generations of new Wooly Willy fans were created. A search on the internet shows that the popular soon-to-be-bearded toy still sells for around $1.50. Its a tried and true design, with magnetic shavings and an equally magnetic pen that you can pull around to make beards, mustaches, and fashionable hairstyles.

Willy, we at History’s Greatest Beards salute you for inspiring countless adolescents to grow a beard as soon as puberty kicks in.


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